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A member of PETbc (Pet Education and Behaviour Council). Please click on icon to find out more.

Canine Behaviour



About Me

I aim to achieve rehabilitation using knowledge and understanding during evaluation of dog and owner, suggesting solutions through lifestyle and targeted training. I always provide a bespoke written plan/report based on canine psychology ; to include fulfilment both physically and mentally, and real world training relevant to you and your dog. Much of this work involves education of the owner to help understand their dog, the issue, and how to continue development.  



Often a complicated issue, with a variety of different causes. Often misdiagnosed, symptoms include toileting, destruction and barking. 

Hyperactivity and over excitement

Over excitement is often misunderstood as being a normal emotion. In fact, excitement can be a precursor to anxiety and aggression.

Overall control

Both outdoors and in the home, a dog under control is a pleasure to own! To include general obedience, recall and impulse control.

Lead Pulling

Many dogs easily get into the habit of pulling on the leash for a variety of reasons. Essentially a rewarding process which should be addressed.

Aggression (all types)

Aggression exhibits in many forms, from fear to prey drive, guarding or sibling rivalry. Often complicated to address, aggression is my most common issue to deal with.

General Care

Sometimes we simply need to balance the relationship between dog and owner, to prevent or modify behavioural issues.

Of course, there are many further issues I deal with, including :

stealing, rough play, sibling rivalry, biting, general anxieties, prey drive (chasing etc), jumping up, toilet training, barking, chewing, digging, begging, attention seeking, and more!

Love My Clients

What Pet Owners Say
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"Very Professional"

We put up with the way our dog behaved for years. We worked on training techniques and within a short period of time we could see the results. Highly recommend.

Jason and Beverly Copping

"Great Service"

I really appreciate your help and advice on walking with Blue, and learning what he needs from me. Walks are a lot more enjoyable for both of us now, and other training has been a lot more productive. Thank you so much for the time that you spent with us.

"Kind & Loving"

Thank you for giving me the advise and support I needed with my new puppy Anna. She has progressed so much in the past couple of months.

Maddy Birch

Freya Williamson

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