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Exclusive Services

I offer two services based on my knowledge and experience within the behaviour and learning processes of domestic dogs. Each dog has different capacities, motivators and relationships with their owners, and environment which they live. I believe that in order to either modify or prevent unwanted behaviours developing we must balance this relationship. All training is based in the 'real world', perhaps differing for individual dogs and owners. Essentially I teach the owner to 'speak dog' through targeted dog training and psychological theory. 

Behavioural modification - £190

This service is for dogs and owners who are experiencing particular behavioural issues which perhaps cannot be solved using traditional training methods. I will examine the whole relationship, using knowledge and experience of canine behaviour, to enable us to develop a behavioural programme designed to achieve modification. Each programme is bespoke, as every relationship is different. Behavioural modification is rarely simple, will require dedication and there is no such thing as a 'quick fix'.

Common examples include:

Dog - dog aggression

Sibling rivalry

Dog - person aggression


Consultation and demonstrated (where appropriate) training on the day lasts between 2 - 4 hours, although there is no time limit. I will only leave once we have established a solid plan which we are confident with. I will provide a detailed written report based on the evidence gathered. 

Continued support via telephone or email is included, for as long as required, and the majority of issues are resolved in one visit.


Real world training and behavioural advice - £110

This service is for those wishing to learn a little more about their dog, whether inviting a rescue into the family or an established resident canine member. Prevention is better than to cure, so if you are looking to give a new arrival the best start this is the service for you. Using knowledge and experience of canine behaviour, I will help you to establish a great long lasting relationship creating balance and control.

Included training will often include:

Leash walking

Socialisation / habituation


Impulse control

Home set up

Setting boundaries and leadership

Training and advice days usually last for around 2 hours, depending on how we go! Although, there is no time limit as such, as all dogs learning capacities are different. 

You may also concentrate on one or two aspects if required.

Written advice is also included for you to refer to based on discussions and demonstrations. 


The follow up... Price as discussed (£30 per hour)

This is for existing clients usually following a behavioural plan requiring further support or demonstration in person. Often, on the day I will offer a second visitation either at a cost of no more than £30 per hour, or even included in the original price. This all depends on the situation and ability / confidence of both dog and owner. The majority of follow up visits are related to aggression in the home. I also offer further training relating to option 2 if required. All of this can be discussed anytime.


Telephone advice - Free to £20 depending

This is for those wishing to perhaps gain a second opinion, or offer suggestions to training already in place. I will always be honest if I believe a visit is required, and which type of service. Initial contact is of course free.

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