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Hi, I'm Graham Pratt


Qualifications and experience

I am an associate with the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association, and a Master Trainer with the Guild of Dog Trainers.

I hold an Advanced Diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour with the British College of Canine Studies. I have also studied specialist courses in aggression, breed specifics and behavioural practice with the Cambridge Institute of Dog Behaviour and Training (CIDBT) which has led to the award of an Advanced Higher Certificate in Canine Behaviour Practice. All courses are PETbc accredited with the tutors being some of the leading behaviourists in the country. The CIDBT are kennel club preferred educational providers with courses recognised within the Guild of Trainers and the Canine and Feline Behavioural Association (CFBA). My experience over the years includes owners of dogs exhibiting many forms of aggression, over excitement, anxieties, and pack incorporation. 

I aim to fulfil the physical and physiological requirements of the dog by teaching the owner the knowledge and skills involved to provide a calm, happy and healthy relationship. ‘Problem’ behaviour is often caused by frustration on the dogs part, with something fundamental missing in his life. I will help the owner take charge with a leadership approach, creating balance within the relationship. I believe in pack structure and dominance theory, not by destroying trust, but rather strengthening; using reward and positive direction (training) and when required, a corrective measure. Individual dogs, breeds and of course owners require different approaches depending on many variables, which means there is no set method. I take every case on individual merit.

The consultation..

I will meet your dog along with (preferably) the whole family in your home, during which I will gain as much knowledge as I can using your history, behavioural diagnostics and functional analysis. If that sounds a bit daunting don’t worry! Usually all that is required at this stage on your part is a general chat while I build a picture of the dog’s relationship with the rest of the pack. Hopefully I will see what and why any specific behavioural issues may be occurring. We will definitely require a walk during the consultation so I can also get an idea of how your dog behaves during distraction and within the outside world. I may need to show techniques and basic skills to enhance training and modify behaviour.
Following the consultation I will provide a bespoke full written report of everything we discussed, and possibly a little more! This is important, and very much a major part of the service, as a visit may sometimes take up to four hours with a great deal of information to digest. The report is designed to give you a clear plan and the tools required to move forward. Email and telephone support is recommended, pretty much unlimited, and included in the price. In some cases a follow up call will be useful which will be at a reduced rate, depending on the issues. I have a lifelong passion dogs and their relationship with us; I will do my utmost to achieve success with any client.  
The consultation and report is set at £190 regardless of time spent.


My home..


My canine journey began at the age of twelve when my Mum and Dad brought home a tiny Border Collie puppy. Since then I have always had a dog in my life of sorts, and many dogs have played a major part. However, it was not until Mya, my inspiring and at times challenging Husky arrived, did I realise my knowledge was inadequate for balancing her behaviour. Mya came to me as a rescue with fairly significant aggression issues toward other dogs. This wasn’t a major problem as being a Husky, Mya is never allowed off the lead so I could easily use the good old avoidance technique! Then.... Rocky and Chloe arrived. Rocky, another rescue but this time a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is almost the opposite. This excitable little fellow loves playing with other dogs but of course Mya doesn’t. To provide the correct leadership to enable these two to get on required help. It was soon clear to me that I had begin my studies as a behaviourist to provide my pack with the home we all deserve, calm, happy, fulfilled and stress free.
Suffice to say, the success is in the story! Our household pack (myself, Chloe, Mya and Rocky) finally moved in together and we’ve not looked back since.

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