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Due to the nature of this behavioural issue, your pet insurance may cover costs incurred, which you are able to claim back with a veterinary referral for which a form may be provided. 


Any consultation regarding anxiety will take between 2 – 4 hours depending how the client’s dog responds on the day to any training demonstrations offered.  

Following initial contact via telephone or email, whereby the client may explain the issues being experienced, a questionnaire will be sent for the client to complete prior to consultation. This allows me to plan the day with the information provided regarding the client’s lifestyle, the background history of the dog and the scale of the issue. 

The first part of the consultation will be an interview in the client’s home, to gather further information, and build a picture of behavioural diagnostics. At this stage it is important that the dog is present, alongside any members of the family which may have an influence, so I may observe how the dog interacts in the home.  


The second stage will involve an examination of how the dog and client responds during any times or in the presence of stimulus which creates anxiety. Any training techniques at this stage will be demonstrated, if applicable. Depending on the nature of the anxiety, a programme of desensitisation and counter conditioning shall be described and demonstrated, which is both related to obedience, the way the dog learns, and how he or she is rewarded via the handler or environmentally. At no time will we place the dog under a level of stress which I would deem unnecessary or inappropriate to the programme.  


On completion of the consultation, I will provide a full written bespoke behavioural report on all of the issues, and training we have discussed and demonstrated. I offer full support via email or telephone, which is encouraged and included in the price.  

Any follow up call will be charged at a reduced rate on discussion. 

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